Information on testicular injuries and it's symptoms.
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  • Posted June 14, 2016
Information on testicular injuries and it's symptoms.

Important Things To Know About Testicular Injuries

Important Things To Know About Testicular Injuries

Many men love to play sports or have an active lifestyle and most of them start at a young age. If you agree, then, most likely you’ve experienced getting hit in your groin area or saw someone get hit. It’s not a pretty sight and many men bunch up in pain when this happens.

Common reports include getting dizzy or dazed while there are cases when people throw up. Extreme cases have the victim sent to the hospital. Luckily, only a small percent of incidents end up going really bad. Here’s some more information on testicular injuries you should know about:

It hurts!

Getting hit in the nuts really hurts. Nuts, by that I mean, testicles, are the most sensitive part of the male reproductive system. This is the part responsible for sperm cells and testosterone production. It is enclosed in the sac called scrotum which also serves as the protective skin for the testicles. Since it’s only a thin part of skin protecting it, any impact on it will be felt considerably.

It’s painful!

When men get hit in the balls pain shoots up immediately and it has a crippling effect. The urge to Vomit and nausea can be felt right away. The sponge-like material surrounding the testicle can distribute the impact to not cause severe damage on the tissue but the pain receptors still kick in which is why you will still feel the pain.

The pain subsides slowly with typical injuries with the pain going away completely after an hour. You don’t really have to worry about damage on the testicles when it’s not a really hard hit. They will still be able to function fully.



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