Everything About The Paleo Diet and How It Works

What Is The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is considered as one of healthiest ways in eating, as it is the only approach that works with an individual’s genetics to help stay lean, strong and energetic. Recent studies that people’s modern diet, which is full of refined foods, sugar and fats, is the root cause of degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression and infertility. How to Build a Healthy Paleo Diet (Picture from www.paleodiet.com) Eat Lean Proteins – lean proteins bas...

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Regular Walking as Workout Regiment and Why Do It

Regular Walking: Workout Regimen and Why You Should Start Doing it Now

On average scale of one to ten (the latter being the highest, while the former being the lowest), most people would rate the importance of walking by 7. This is really true, especially with the influence of technology (Internet, portable games, etc.) nowadays. It’s hard to believe that most, if not all, people don’t see the essential of daily walking. Walking as an Exercise and Workout (Picture from www.wikihow.com) Surprisingly, brisk walking can be as challenging as jogging. However, when ...

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Learn how to effectively resist sweets for good

For the Sweeth Tooth: Managing Your Sweet Cravings

Like a lot of people, many of you have tried diet plans and exercise programs that get you to lose weight. But most of the time, you run in to an issue that needs to be attended to making you gain back the weight you’ve gained. There are a lot of reasons why you fall off and become fat again. Some would say that it’s because they stopped their exercise program or did not follow their diet anymore. Well, that’s a simple but vague answer. When we get down to the nitty gritty of your lifestyl...

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Three Easy Ways to Get Your Energy Level Up and Going

Follow These Three Ways to Get Your Energy Level Up

According to Mark Twain, “And what is a man without energy? Nothing – nothing at all.” It is really true, especially when you’re up to something very important. Once you decide to pursue your dreams and to live your life to the fullest extent, having abundant personal energy is the very best thing. Of course, what good there is if you don’t have enough energy to follow through with them? If you have the right amount of energy, everything you do becomes a lot easier. You bec...

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The Top Five Benefits You'll Get From Eating Mushrooms

The Five Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

Some of the most potent natural medicine in this planet can be found from mushrooms. Of the many mushroom-forming fungi, science is familiar only to 10 percent of its total. And past years, mushroom has been studied for health-promoting benefits. (Picture from www.littlehomesteaders.com) So whatever your favorite is (i.e. crimini, enoki, oyster, Portobello, shiitake, white button, etc. – all mushrooms come with essential nutrients. Below are just some of the benefits you’ll get. Increase...

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Learn how sauna's can actually benefit your skin.

Benefits of Sauna to Skin

A consultation with your doctor can tell you if you can avail of the benefits of a sauna to your skin. The benefits of the sauna have been well-documented. It is known to fortify immunity, reduce stress, and tension. But aside from that, going inside a sauna can really bolster the health of your skin. There are three main things that the sauna does to revitalize your skin. Increased Collagen Production Collagen is the main protein found in your skin. Detailed lists of the proteins that make-up...

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9 Reasons Why You Should Get Enough Sleep at Night

9 Reasons Why You Should Get Enough Sleep at Night

You may have led to believe that an extra hour of sleep couldn’t be of difference. Well, you can say so but it’s quite a lot in fact. Research says that the gap between enough sleep and too little sleep can affect one’s health – mood, weight, and sex life. (Picture from www.everydayhealth.com) If you’re one of the several individuals who are getting less than the recommended seven/eight hours of sleep at night, then here are 9 reasons why you should start making a change. And by th...

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Medicinal Herbs Ticket to Affordable Healthy Lifestyle

Medicinal Herbs: Your Ticket to Affordable and Healthy Lifestyle

Herbalism is also known as herbal medicine, botanical medicine, and medical herbalism. It basically refers to using plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, flowers or barks for medicinal purposes. The interest toward this type of medication is growing, thus becoming popular worldwide. Moreover, the increase in prices of prescription medicine is just one of the many reasons people resort to herbalism. (Picture from www.mezzoagro.com) Herbal medicines are also classified as dietary supplements ra...

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Get quick and natural solutions for your stretch marks.

Quick and Natural Solutions for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks usually appear after a quick gain of weight, and the skin is stretched, which causes the elastic fibers under the skin to break. This typically appears to women during pregnancy but those who rapidly lose weight can also have this. Marks commonly appear on stretched areas, like the buttocks and stomach. These appear reddish at first, then progresses to gray over time. These marks are difficult to remove, but there are safe ways and techniques that can be used. Mostly, the marks fa...

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What To Know About Black Tea and Its Many Benefits

What You Need to Know About Black Tea

For quite some time now, black tea has been documented to provide various health benefits. Not only is it enjoyed by our grandmothers, but definitely a great addition to our daily diet. Basically, black tea is more oxidized than others out there. Besides, it’s really delicious and easy to prepare. (Picture from www.edenstea.com) Black tea is low in calories, sodium and fat. We can enjoy it as one of our natural therapies in getting healthier each day. It contains more caffeine-laden components...

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