The Best Replacement Shakes for Overweight Women
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  • Posted April 08, 2016
The Best Replacement Shakes for Overweight Women

The Best Replacement Shakes for Overweight Women to Lose Some Pounds

The Best Replacement Shakes for Overweight Women to Lose Some Pounds

Before even considering meal replacement shakes, you need to understand first why you need them or why you opt on introducing these kinds of drinks into your diet. Although meal replacement drinks for overweight women and men can work miracles, they still depend on a lot of factors (i.e. preparation, ingredients used, etc.). In fact, as what most weight loss experts would suggest, you don’t need to bother yourself with these kinds of shakes if your appetite if you have enough time and appetite to consume the required calories from solid food. This is most certainly true with people who agree that eating more calories is a lot enjoyable than drinking them – obviously they are.

However, there are plethoras of instances when meal replacement shakes can come handy for you!

  • You Have Low Appetite – say you have some life issues (you can put love life here, okay?) that have significantly reduced your appetite, or for whatever reason you are having difficulty reaching the required daily nutritional needs, a caloric-dense meal replacement shake can certainly be of great help.
  • Hargainers or Ectomorphs – this is the most troublesome type of body when building strength and/or mass. Ectomorphs basically require a good amount of calories to be at par with muscle gain of other sorts of body-types. These are mostly due to a metabolism rate similar to that of a Ferrari and a super adaptive metabolism for caloric consumption. So if you have ectomorphs, it is best that you consider the benefits of replacement drinks for overweight women, especially if you don’t have the appetite to consume large amounts of solid food.
  • Solid Food Limit – say you are a bodybuilder or athlete, you would have to have a huge deal of calories in order to sustain and/or move near your goals but can’t possibly digest any more solid food; those shakes can really be huge lift for you.
  • Busy Schedule or Lazy – well, no doubt this is most common of all situations. You sure want to eat a solid meal, but you just don’t have the time to prepare it – heck you are even having difficulty eating it. Therefore, a meal replacement shake could be a great way to fill the gap – be it your goal to loss weight or gain some. Of course, you can always blend your shake according to your specific nutritional needs.
  • You Often Miss Breakfast – first off, breakfast is important. However, if you don’t have the time (for whatever reason) to prepare it after you wake up, a protein-rich shake will be a quick fix. Breakfasts that are protein-rich increases your metabolic rates and shakes may help you if you don’t have the time to boil those eggs.

Best Replacement Shakes for Overweight Women

Some of the Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss Goals

High Protein, Low Carb Shake

This shake should contain organic egg whites, or go for whole eggs if you want the fatty and nutrient-packed yolks. Also, you can use organically processed whey powder, hemp, and a yellow-pea protein powder for vegetable lovers. If you want your shake to contain fats, simply add nuts, coconut oil, and butter or egg yolks, among others. Lastly, if you can stand it, consider putting green leafy vegetables (spinach would be a good choice). All of them will provide you with a good amount of minerals and vitamins, as well as some extra rounds of protein.

This can be a very high-fat or low-fat protein shake, but it really depends on your selections. While fat can be an important factor in weight loss, it can easily lead to counterproductive results especially if taken into an extreme extent. Remember that fats are highly-dense in calories – 7 walnuts will already give you roughly 18 grams of fat and 180 calories.

High Protein Shake for Weight Gain

You can still go organic egg whites or egg yolks (or unprocessed whey protein if possible) if you don’t want to opt with the nutritious yolks. As for vegetarians, yellow-pea protein power or unprocessed hemp will do well. To add some taste, it is recommendable that you use fruits such as banana, watermelon, papaya, and bananas, among others. In fact, you can consider adding some carrots for extra amounts of carbs and vitamins.

High Protein Shake for Weight Gain

In this one here, you can try and test what combined ingredients work for you. However, you need to be very extra careful with the nuts, as they contain lots of omega-6, which is not really a good thing to have. If you want a low-fat meal replacement shake, you certainly know what to do! Just control the amount of milk and nuts you are adding and supplement your drink with a bit more of other ingredients.

Soy-Base Shakes

Soy has allergens, toxins, lectins, phytates and phystoestrogens, all of which are something that you won’t want your body to have. Nonetheless, if want to base your shake using soy protein, you can just simply substitute the protein powder or egg white using organic soy protein powder. With that, your typical shake becomes a bit more healthy and successful.

Vegan Shakes

For instance, you are a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, the aforementioned ingredients are already enough for you. If you are vegan, just simply utilize organic and unprocessed hemp or yellow pea (rice can also be an option) in order to replace dairy products or milk – let alone giving your shake a more liquid feeling.

Gluten Free Shakes

There are those who like to add oats as carb for their shakes meant for weight-gain. Aside from the fact that “avenin” in oats is controversial in its toxicity level. Therefore, it is best that you remove it from your diet. Not only is it unhealthy, but they are often stored in an equipment used to store other grains. This results to cross-contamination.

Gluten Free Shakes

There you have it folks. Hopefully, you learned something. Remember, despite how effective a replacement drink can be, you still need to back it up with some exercises.

What do you think about our meal replacement drinks for overweight women? Let us know at the comments below.


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