Top 5 Places Buy Affordable Plus-size Clothing Curvy
Top 5 Places Buy Affordable Plus-size Clothing Curvy

Top 5 Places to Buy Affordable Plus-size Clothing for Curvy Models

Top 5 Places to Buy Affordable Plus-size Clothing for Curvy Models

Right now, there are a lot of shops and boutiques that caters exclusively to plus size models. However, most of them are pretty expensive and it is seldom that we can see affordable plus-size clothing that provides excellent quality. After a careful research in the lists of plus-size providing stores around, we decided that these 5 are the best shops to go to if you want to up you’re a-game in fashion at a reasonable price.

Pin-up Girl Clothing – They sell amazing dresses for curvy girls out there and make it a point that those dresses fits perfectly. Established in 1999, Pin-up Girl Clothing focused to offer some of the most excellent vintage clothes for girls of all sizes. The best thing about them is that their plus-size outfits, when showcased, are worn by plus-size models.

Pin-up Girl Clothing

They offer a wide selection affordable plus-size clothing, and as well as excellent collection that includes accessories, shoes, bags and more. Plus, their designs are originally made by them and specifically trimmed to compliment your figure.

Torrid – they already has a lot of retail outlets worldwide that offers a vast selection of clothing, accessories, shoes and more. But if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, they got something for that. They now have a website that provides online customers the option to conduct online exclusive deals. The best thing is that Torrid caters almost exclusively to the plus-size individuals so they can almost guarantee you to provide you something of your preference.

Much like Pin-up Girl Clothing, Torrid also offer an excellent collection of vintage-style clothes, accessories, and shoes. They are a great option if you are looking for a more upbeat style for a change.

Unique Vintage – They provide a great selection of clothes that they originally designed, while also offering other brands. Unique Vintage cater to all sizes, and their plus-size section is stellar. What’s even better about them is their return and exchange policy. They have an amazing customer support and if you mistakenly ordered the wrong size, the process of exchange is a breeze.

Viva Dulce Marina – Another amazing brand that boasts a wide array of collections for girls of different sizes. They have an excellent section there that caters exclusively for plus-size women. Another great thing about them is that they have a feature on their website where the customers can post pictures of them with the Viva Dulce Marina dress and/or other products on.

Sealed With A Kiss

Sealed With A Kiss – Also known as SWAK, is also a great clothing shop that offers a wide collection for plus-size women. One of the things that made them famous is their Vintage section. Sealed With A Kiss is exclusive for plus-size women, so they are also a great place to go if you are hunting for something new to wear.

The thing is, the best way to find that specific dress you are looking for is to be patient and try different shops. A little bit of extra effort can prove extremely helpful when you are looking for a dress to wear. It is even easier now, with all the online shops and retail stores scattered around the globe. Thrift stores are also everywhere now. Do you have other recommendation on where to find affordable plus-size clothing? Please let us know in the comments section.


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